understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You see, I thought when I finally found Him, and when he would have given Me a drink of water, to see the Crystal Cup appear in His hand – you can never know what passed through My physical body!

Now many of you feel the Currents from the “Presence” today and are rejoiced; but could you know that Current which went through My Body that day, when I suddenly saw that Crystal Cup in His hand – it was like the Forces of Eternity passed through My Body right then!

And it so released – now this is a point I trust every one of you will get and hold fast to – in that release from My Own “Presence”, as I know now, when I saw that Cup in His Hand, it enabled Me to say to Him the Words written there with such power, when He said: “What am I supposed to do?” and I said to Him: “Ask the God in you who does know!”

I have often heard Him say that I said that with such power, that His own human self just dissolved and receded out of the way. Well, that was true, but what do you suppose I was experiencing about that time?

I want you to know both of those activities, because Dear People, there is not one of you that cannot experience that same thing today!

Look! Think of it, I had not the training that you have, think of that! You have had three years training, many of you, but I did not.

Therefore, will you believe Me when I say to you tonight, that there are many in this room whose Light is stronger and brighter than Mine was, by far, at that Achievement?

Now I want you to get this, if you will. I am telling you the Truth, and I want you to feel the Strength of your own Light!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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