understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am saying this to you tonight, Dear Hearts – you have read it – but Beloved Saint Germain asked Me to come and talk to you tonight that you might have the Feeling which I know is the Reality of My own actual experience.

Will you be kind enough to allow Me to give you the Assistance by letting your feeling world feel the full True Reality of My own experience which I am telling you.


I then transferred part of the money to New York and began the search. If any of you can imagine those years, when searching month after month went on with no results, and time again I would think it was no use; but always no sooner would that human feeling think it no use – from within Me would arise that strong Power that so far transcended the human feeling that said there was no use, that I would go on again.

Believe it or not, Dear Ones, in all those years, that energy and strength within Me increased, and as I think of it today, it was a marvelous thing.

Then that day when I was directed to Mount Shasta, just by My feeling, not in any other way, and when this good Brother had come out, as He thought, to meet Saint Germain, and was sitting there on a log waiting for Him, I came up to Him. He turned and saw Me (I am making this very brief).

When He offered Me a drink of water and offered Me the cup, in His hand came the Crystal Cup – the first precipitation He had had Himself.

When I saw That Cup in His hand – after all those many years of searching – can you imagine just for a moment the Feeling that took possession of Me, when the Master had said:  “When you find that Man with the Crystal Cup, you will have found the One who will assist you to make the Ascension!””

Beloved David Lloyd

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