understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Notice! All this gathered momentum of expectation all through those years, suddenly released and rushed forward like a mighty avalanche. When I explained to this good Brother what had taken place, He said, “What am I supposed to do?” Then that Power surged in Me again and I said to Him:  “Ask the God in you who does know!”

And with that, His whole human self just dissolved out of the way and the Light from His “Mighty I AM Presence” came down, until His arms were a blazing Light and His hands reached out and took Mine, and in a few moments My feet left the Earth.

Then as I continued as far as His hands would reach, He let go, and I continued until My feet were fifteen or twenty feet above His head; then I realized My Glory was at hand!

Can you for a moment feel the Victory, the Power, the Strength, the Courage which were mine in that Great Achievement?

Then as I stood there in the upper air, looking down at Him, such Gratitude filling My Heart, I suddenly became aware that all age and its appearance had left My Body.

Then the ordinary suit of clothes I was wearing dissolved into those garments of the Higher Octave, and instead of a man of the world, a physical being, I stood there clothed in Garments of Dazzling Light, a youth of twenty summers!

Then the Great Ray of Light from the “Presence” descended, and from this good Brother I disappeared into that Ray of Light; but not as He thought, for to Him I disappeared, but to Me I saw through that Light and still was aware of His presence, even when I was absorbed into the Electronic Body of My own “Mighty I AM Presence.””

Beloved David Lloyd

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