understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students of the Light, I congratulate you on your Light which you are expanding. As the Beloved Messenger has told you, I am David Lloyd, the Englishman who made the Ascension on the side of Mount Shasta, and who so many years ago, was told in India by one of the Masters, that on a great mountain in North America I would find a Man with a Crystal Cup, and when I find that Man, I would have found the One who could assist Me to the Ascension!

That was all the information given; and I ask you, is there any one in this room who would have had the courage to follow out that slight information and start on the search for that Man?

I did not know it then, but the Light within Me was strong enough to take command, and when this Great Master told me this, I believed every word of it.

When My Father was shortly after shot and killed, as we use the outer terminology, then we found that the grubstake which My Father had given a man in a South African diamond mine had produced results, and a considerable fortune was left Me and My mother.

The Master came again as the representative from South Africa, and brought the money which was ours. We took it to London after My father passed, and then four years later My mother passed on. I then began that search.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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