understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is one thing, Dear Hearts, to solve your problems, and as you solve one, ten more appear: but when you, in the Acknowledgment of your “Presence”, raise the Octave where there are no problems, isn’t it a far more desirable activity?

So today, mankind are in a position where they can, in the Acknowledgement of their “Presence”, by calling It into action, have these Miracles manifest in their lives, in their world of activity.

So I say to you, Dear Ones, if you will earnestly apply, call your “Mighty Presence” into action with determination, I will be able to give you every Assistance the Law of your Being permits; just as I said to you, YOU WILL FIND ONE DAY I AM VERY TANGIBLE!

After this Great Victory having been won, can you imagine, I want to get back into action; and to everyone who will call Me, I will give every Assistance that is possible, because in the Ascended State, no one is limited in any respect. I want you to feel that!

I want you to know and understand that no longer shall mankind remain in the limitations of their own creations.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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