understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Precious Ones, I wish there were words by which I could illustrate to you what the feeling is going on within you; even as I speak to you, and this Mighty Energy is charged into your feeling world, so am I able to see the activity which is going on there.

Dear Hearts, the Joy, the marvel of Its Accomplishment and that which I know you can accomplish, and I say it as one Heart to another, APPLY, APPLY, APPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, Dear Hearts, and allow Me, if you will, to assist you.

I have returned to serve with this good Brother in the Ascended Body which I now have. I seem invisible to you, but I am very tangible here, I assure you.

There is this point I want to cover in detail with you. Mankind throughout the ages have believed anything they do not see to be intangible, to be unreal. That is a mistake. If you will observe and follow Me for a moment.

In the things that are most powerful in your use today, are the things that are invisible to you, are they not – your radio, your electricity, the power that acts to produce the results in your world, the most powerful is invisible.

While I stand invisible to most of you, I am none the less tangible, as one day you will find out.

Now the Ascended Masters, Dear Hearts, as They did with this good Messenger, They can when They choose, come forth in the Visible Tangible Body, just as tangible and visible as yours in the physical body, a body just as Tangible, wholly Perfect and Beautiful.

So today I say to you, Dear Hearts, ere many years are over your head, you will see One or more or perhaps several of the Ascended Masters standing before you in Tangible Bodies, as tangible as yours;


then the World will come to understand the Great Truth and the pleading which the Messengers have given forth to mankind, that they may understand and have the Glory of freedom from human limitations and be free forever!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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