understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to say to you, Dear Hearts, don’t fail to call your “Presence’ into action to use the Violet Consuming Flame. WITHOUT IT YOU CANNOT GAIN THE VICTORY; and why?

Because every human being has accumulated about them these discordant qualities which have to be consumed out of their world. You cannot produce that Violet Consuming Flame by your physical effort; and there have been those in the East that have spread the idea that it was dangerous to use that.

Don’t be deceived!

Dear Hearts, you could use the Violet Consuming Flame on an unborn infant with perfect safety, because your “Mighty I AM Presence” has to produce That, for you cannot do it with the human; therefore, That is Perfection, and consumes only that which needs to be consumed, and cannot and does not consume anything but the imperfection.

As you will use That, Dear Hearts, then you will feel the results in the lightness of your body, the freedom from the pressure you feel today, and go forth Victorious in the Freedom of your “Mighty I AM Presence.””

Beloved David Lloyd

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