understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you say “I AM”, the Cosmic Law acts instantly! So in your Acknowledgment through your Decrees, fail not to remember that every Acknowledgment sent forth sets the ethers into motion to start, as it were, a forest fire of the Sacred Fire to burn Its Way through everything human, and release the Victory of Its Cosmic Love which is the Divine Plan Fulfilled.

I stand ready to assist you, as do many Others from Venus! Give your Acknowledgment and feel you are part of Our Flame! Feel you are held in the Mighty Cosmic Momentum of the Fire Element of the Cosmic Love which it is Our Privilege to be and to direct!

As focus of the Cosmic Law, you may draw whatever intensity you desire of the Cosmic Love of Cosmic Victory; and everything you contact will have to be clothed in that Love until Victory manifests in the outer, and the outer has become raised into the Sacred Fire of the Inner.

Then there are no longer two, but just One – the Victory of Cosmic Love Supreme! It is the Master Presence of the Universe!

Everything unascended must one day become the Action of the Sacred Fire! That is what your Ascension is! It is the raising of the particles of Light in your etheric body into the White Fire Body, which is the Higher Mental Body; then into the Electronic Presence of the “Mighty I AM”, which is a Being wholly of the Sacred Fire.

Feel yourselves that “Presence, and give the Acknowledgment of the Cosmic Victory of Cosmic Love. Nothing else counts!”

Mighty Victory

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