understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You see, My Cosmic Power and Momentum of the Fire Element were gathered by the amount of Love and Forgiveness which I sent forth qualified with the Sacred Fire, to touch all things! It is a Magic Wand of Power which compels all raised into the Sacred Fire of Victory!

When you raise all things into the Great Cosmic Love of the Cosmic Christ, you have raised them into the Activity of the Sacred Fire – and that is Eternal. Therefore, It burns out everything unlike Itself.

Now, as you move forward, you will see the necessity of visualizing, acknowledging, and feeling that you move clothed in a Sun of Dazzling Golden Flame! If you will acknowledge It as My Victory of Cosmic Love and Forgiveness, and as My Power of the Sacred Fire, it will enable Me to draw around each of you who gives that Acknowledgement, an Action of the Cosmic Law to intensify your own personal effort with the Momentum of My Cosmic Power.

Then your own Life Stream will assist you, and I individually offer you the Connection with My Momentum of Cosmic Victory.

Just so will it be with the Great Master Jesus during the coming Seven Sacred Weeks. Feel yourselves, as He has said in those blessed Dictations, feel yourselves clothed in the Mantle of His Living Light within It is all Power! Feel Him hold you in His Loving Embrace, and know you are the Victory of His Love and Consciousness every hour!

The same with Myself, the Beloved Godfre, the Mighty Master Saint Germain, and every Ascended Being. Forget not your Beloved Nada!

These Blessed Ones who have stood guarding Saint Germain’s “I AM” Activities all through the centuries, have helped you come to this point! Now every Action of the Sacred Fire, as you make your Calls and accept It, is answered RIGHT NOW!”

Mighty Victory

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