understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Everything which is not the Eternal Victory of Cosmic Love is but a changing, passing vibratory action! Everything in this World is constantly changing!

Something is here today and gone tomorrow; but not so with the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, which is Life’s Victory to you whenever you want It with enough intensity to draw It forth into everything!

Then nothing can exist in your worlds but the Victory of Cosmic Love, for It is the Authority of the Sacred Fire which controls all the other Elements.

Move in Its Presence qualified with Its Flame! BE Its Cosmic Power of the Cosmic Christ, and know the Power in God’s Great Name – “I AM”! It is the Flame of God’s Love, given to all to produce the Perfection which is Eternal Happiness.

Move forward tonight clothed in Mantles of My Flame of Cosmic Victory! Feel My Love and My Forgiveness, and command It to go forth into everybody and everything!

Dare to command, as We command, the annihilation of all that was never intended to be!

Move clothed in Our Sacred Fire and have Victory in everything – where you command It to go forth in the Power of the Sacred Fire of Cosmic Love Supreme!”

Mighty Victory

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