understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Had you ever thought of just acknowledging the Victory of the Cosmic Love of the Cosmic Christ in every cell of your bodies as It bursts into a Living Golden Flame of Perfection?

Now I don’t mean this just intellectually. You have the intellectual concept, quite true; but when you insist that every particle of your flesh begins right now to raise into the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory and Perfection, you visualize and photograph that Victory and Perfection RIGHT NOW on whatever happens to be around you, because the more you acknowledge this and charge It into the atmosphere about you, the more It would automatically be brought forth upon your own flesh or within the body;

for in holding the picture around you, it would automatically be photographed upon the cellular structure before it came into contact with the ethers around you.


So, remember to acknowledge your Victory!

Now this has a double purpose: besides giving you the momentum through your own Acknowledgment, it becomes for you a Tremendous Qualifying Activity, which is a Mighty Protection as you move in the coming months among the people of your Land. Thus you can affect the people of your Land and the World.”

Mighty Victory

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