understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the cleansing process where the whole World is having its habits and human creation reversed, We must have a Focus of those who understand this Law, who will be absolutely inflexible in their Acknowledgment of their Victory.

Then Our Power is like the point of a wedge. In whatever seems wrong, We can begin to drive the wedge of that Flame into destructive conditions. As the wedge grows greater and greater and greater, It shatters destructive conditions apart; and the Fire Element expands until It has consumed all that is not of the Light.

So remember, Beloved Ones, keep acknowledging, “‘I AM’ the Victory of this which I desire”, because that Decree is your Authority and your Power to qualify all energy which comes to your attention, with the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory.


Thus you raise all into the Action of the Sacred Fire!

The Sacred Fire, Beloved Ones, is, when all is said and done, the Mightiest Action of Divine Love. It is the Action of the Fire Element which burns away everything unlike Itself.

That is why It is the Victory of Life, because It is the Eternal Cohesive Power of the Universe. When you acknowledge It in the Action of the Sacred Fire as Cosmic Victory, then It must raise everything else into Its own Quality.

So will you feel with Me tonight that your opportunity and responsibility are to qualify and claim everything into the Great Cosmic Flame of the Cosmic Victory of the Cosmic Christ – the only Presence in the Universe wherein mankind can be Permanently Happy and express the Perfection God intends, because the Cosmic Christ is the Infinite “I AM Presence” everywhere present, qualified with the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness of Invincible Eternal Love!”

Mighty Victory

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