understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, will you remember to charge the atmosphere about you with the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory? My Cosmic Victory means the Perfection of the Divine Plan Fulfilled to all Life – be it in the Life in human beings or the Life in the Four Elements.

It qualifies everything with Its Perfection; then as you move forward, you will find a great Joy in compelling conditions which seem to be opposing the Light to reverse, and make them become the Cosmic Flame of Purity and Victory!

Then you will enjoy the process of cleaning up the World, instead of feeling it is such a problem and struggle under which sometimes you almost go down.

If you will enjoy commanding everything to become the Cosmic Victory of the Cosmic Christ, you will imprint upon the ethers about you the Patterns of Perfection; and the Power of the Sacred Fire will draw forth from Our Octave the Manifestations of that Victory!”

Mighty Victory

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