understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So it is with yourselves! When you call to your “Mighty I AM Presence” to make everything in your world the Victory and the Ascended Masters’ Divine Plan Fulfilled, and then you remember to charge and acknowledge that Victory around yourselves constantly – never giving acceptance to anything else – you will find the ethers about you tremendously sensitive!

As you again, and again, and again flash forth your Calls for that Victory, you will find those tiny Points of Light gather and gather to the point where They unite in one final Call, and they burst into a Flame.

It is just the same as if you took many sparks and, fanning them, produced the Flame. The Inner Action of the Law is almost identical; and you can fan, as it were, those Points of Light in the atmosphere by your Conscious Command through the “I AM Presence.”

Now then, regardless of appearances, your Victory, if It is to be Eternal – and that means all that is really Victory – must come from your “I AM Presence.” You have all tried century after century down here, with every physical means that was brought to your attention, to attain Victory by physical means; and it has neither been permanent nor Real Victory!

The only Victory in the Universe is the Fullness of the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence”; and the Fullness of the “Presence” is the Action of the Fire Element through the physical form.”

Mighty Victory

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