understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, in giving your Decrees and commanding everything about you to become the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory of the Cosmic Christ, you have entered into that use of the Sacred Fire which is your ultimate Freedom!

Until that Freedom is gained, you should constantly use your Scepter of Power to produce Perfection! Perfection cannot come without the use of the Fire Element. The Fire Element, the Sacred Fire, has to function through every other one of the Three Elements. Every Action of the Sacred For has to Function through the earth, the water, and through the air!

Therefore, whatever you are dealing with in the physical octave must be blessed, charged, directed, and protected by some Action of the Sacred Fire, or you don’t accomplish that which you desire.

So, if you will remember that My Victory is a Sacred Flame and call that Flame into action into every particle of substance, then you will be raising everything you contact into the Eternal Flame of Cosmic Victory.

That is why when conditions seem not to be the Perfection you desire, it is your privilege to sweep the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory into those conditions, seize that energy, and charge it with the Victory of the Sacred Fire.

If there be discord, then purify it by the Violet Consuming Flame, and still qualify it with the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory and make it your own! Seize it by the use of the Sacred Fire! Make it your Victory for centuries to come!

Build your momentum by the use of that Sacred Fire, and everything must yield to your “I AM” Commands to fulfill the Divine Plan.

Otherwise there would not be an Expanding Quality of Activity within Life Itself – if Its Divine Design were not a drawing forth from each tiny Flame, the Powers which forever raise all into the Sacred Fire, until every tiny Flame becomes a gigantic Sun.”

Mighty Victory

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