understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Throughout the “I AM” Student Body, there has been at times the feeling, because perhaps you do not like the personality of the Group Leader or something – “Well, I can be harmonious if I stay at home and give My Decrees by myself.”

So far as your own individual world is concerned and your personal feelings for the time being, you might be more harmonious; but if you will understand that the Cosmic Law does not act to the individual with the same Intensity that It does to a mass of people, then you will realize that unless you step into the Focus which is drawn around the mass, you do not get the same Intensity of Power. Therefore, you are not drawing the same Action of the Fire Element.

Anyone who cares to experience this or try it out, will find I am telling you the Truth! Many times when you seem unable to sing alone, as you sing in a group of people, the energy released from them and the musical instrument in the room, you are able to sing many times far better than you dreamed you could. That is the blessing of concerted action.

Of course, I know when there is too much discord it is hard perhaps to control the feelings; but after all, your Victory is gained by the Application you make, and the amount of Application determines the momentum you gather; and only when that momentum reaches a certain intensity, does it become the Flame!

It is just the same as the seed planted within the ground. Until it becomes full grown, you do not have the blossom or the fruit. That only comes when its momentum reaches a certain point. The same thing is trues in your Decrees, in your music, in anything you do in the business world or anywhere else. Until you build a momentum to a certain point, you do not have your manifestation in the outer, do you?

Well, if I had not completely surrendered the entire direction of all the Substance in My Being and World unto My “Mighty I AM Presence” in the beginning, could I ever have become a Being wherein My Victory has been sustained so long, that I have not had any other manifestation except Victory?

How do you suppose that I closed My Door against everything else? Because I gave everything to that which is the Only Victory in the Universe – the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Life!”

Mighty Victory

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