Isis Unveiled: chapter I (an axiom of hermetic philosophy)

“How many of our inveterate skeptics belong, notwithstanding their materialism, to Masonic Lodges? The brothers of the Rosie-Cross, mysterious practitioners of the mediaeval ages, still live – but in name only. They may “shed tears at the grave of their respectable Master, Hiram Abiff”; but vainly will they search for the true locality, “where the sprig of myrtle was placed.” The dead letter remains alone, the spirit has fled.

They are like the English or German chorus of the Italian opera, who descend in the fourth act of Ernani into the crypt of Charlemagne, singing their conspiracy in a tongue utterly unknown to them. So, our modern knights of the Sacred Arch may descend every night if they choose “through the nine arches into the bowels of the earth”, – they “will never discover the sacred Delta of Enoch.”

The “Sir Knights in South Valley” and those in “the North Valley” may try to assure themselves that “enlightenment dawns upon their minds”, and that as they progress in Masonry “the veil of superstition, despotism, tyranny” and so on, no longer obscures the visions of their minds. But these are all empty words so long as they neglect their mother Magic, and turn their backs upon its twin sister, Spiritualism.

Verily, “Sir Knights of the Orient”, you may “leave your stations and sit upon the floor in attitudes of grief, with your heads resting upon your hands”, for you have cause to bewail and mourn your fate. Since Phillipe le Bel destroyed the Knights-Templars, not one has appeared to clear up your doubts notwithstanding all claims to the contrary. Truly, you are “wanderers from Jerusalem, seeking the lost treasure of the holy place.” Have you found it?

Alas, no! for the holy place is profaned; the pillars of wisdom, strength and beauty are destroyed. Henceforth, “you must wander in darkness”, and “travel in humility”, among the woods and mountains in search of the “lost word.” “Pass-on!” – you will never find it so long as you limit your journeys to seven or even seven times seven; because you are “traveling in darkness”, and this darkness can only be dispelled by the light of the blazing torch of truth which alone the right descendants of Ormasd carry.

They alone can teach you the true pronunciation of the name revealed to Enoch, Jacob and Moses. “Pass on! Till your R. S. W. shall learn to multiply 333, and strike 666 – the number of the Apocalyptic Beast, you may just as well observe prudence and act “sub rosa.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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