understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Since I have offered you the Joy and the Love of My Victory, which is a Flame from My Heart, and which I offer as a Garment to enfold you, My Precious Ones, to be a Sustaining Action and a Power which can amplify your own efforts to produce Victory, you will have to feel My Victory!

May you feel It so tangibly and use It constantly and feel Me so insistently within It, that the time will not be long when We can come to you in the Visible, Tangible Bodies, talk with you direct, and then plan and assist Saint Germain in the purifying and perfecting of America and in laying the Foundation for the Permanent Golden Age to the Earth.

You can be the outstanding Lights of the World, and in His Service of the Light you are privileged indeed, My Beloved Ones.

This night, in this room, you are enfolded in the Vibratory Action of My Flame of Love, and the Power, the Joy, the Love and Victory from Venus; for you are as completely disconnected from the vibratory action of the feelings of the rest of mankind in the outer world – while We are here – as if you were on the Planet Venus.

You do not feel the distress of those in the outer world tonight.

You sit here in this clean, pure atmosphere, held within My Consciousness of Victory; and I want you to feel that no matter what you attempt to accomplish, if you will call My Victory into action first, and acknowledge the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, Joy, and Victory from your “Presence” first;

then from Myself, from Venus, the Great Central Sun, and the other Ascended Beings – truly will there be a steady recognition in your feelings and a steady acceptance, which will just day after day expand one Flame after another in and around you, just like a flower unfolding its petals;

and you will stand forth revealed as a Thousand-Petaled Lotus of that Cosmic Flame of Love and Victory and Freedom from the Great Central Sun, which is the Divine Plan of your Life Stream!”

Mighty Victory

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