understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That term has been used because as you stand within these various Activities of the Fire Element, it is as if you stood within a Sun, and the Various Activities of the Flame formed around you, and you directed Them one after another wherever you chose to produce Perfection.

Wherever you choose to produce It, there is always a Flame standing ready to go forth, to do your bidding and produce Perfection anywhere you command It to come forth, and sustain It for Eternity!

So do not feel discouraged, but do stand on guard! Do not let down the bars in your Calls for Protection, until you stand wholly Ascended in Our Octave.

So long as you are in these atomic bodies, never let down on your Calls for Protection; and then We can take you through to one Victory after another, until your Life Streams will be a Blessing to everybody and everything, even as you pass by; and the very ground under your feet will love you and bless you for your Life’s Gift to this World.”

Mighty Victory

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