understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So, do you wonder that We do so much want you to have the Love and the Joy of Victory which is your destiny?

You must become It some day, and the sooner you are the Fullness of the Victory and the use of Our Love and Our Joy, the sooner will manifestations around you come into the outer, come into Perfection – which shall amaze all around you and convince all who see you, that you do have an Action of Life which is the Mastery and the Perfection of God’s Almighty Intelligence.

When you call forth Our Ascended Master Consciousness, you most of the time, I believe, feel that It is more or less an Intellectual Illumination and the release of Wisdom; but I say to you, the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness is the Feeling of Victory before the manifestation takes place in the outer.

That is what I wish you to feel tonight.

As you go to the Royal Teton and stand within the Radiance of Its Mighty Sacred Fire, I want you to feel that you draw into your world, in and around yourselves, a Cosmic Action of the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness, which is always Victory.
If you will remember, the Great Divine Director commanded the Unfed Flame forth into that Focus, and It was established there centuries ago.

He was the One who commanded It into Action; and since He is Authority over the Life Streams of mankind, then as each of you goes there in your etheric body and you absorb the Outpouring of His Blessing, you must necessarily become more of the Outpicturing in your daily activities, of the Joy and the Perfection of His Great Love which drew that Fire into a Focus there.”

Mighty Victory

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