understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So, this which We are calling forth for the coming year is a very far-reaching Activity. I want to show you what it means for a group of people to stand steady to an Ideal and hold together, until the end is accomplished.


When you realize that during Jesus’ Ascension, there were only five hundred witnessed that Ascension! An event of such Cosmic Importance as that was only observed by five hundred of the mankind on Earth.

At this time in the World’s history, because of the greater means of travel of modern times, the faster means of travel, this Light has been enabled to spread throughout the entire civilized world; so there are Great Streams of the Flame of the Sacred Fire and Cosmic Light – especially the Unfed Flame – the Activities for which you call, that are drawn forth for your blessing here!

Then immediately, an Individual Wave of that travels out to everyone else under the Radiation.”

Mighty Victory

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