understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, I am determined there shall be the Joy of My Victory, because when the Joy of My Victory comes into action, you will find the speed of manifestation is increased Infinitely.

I want you to have in the New Year, oh such magnificent accomplishment. I want anything and everything you put your hands to, to come into Magnificent Heavenly Success in such Joy and such Victory, that each day shall be, as it were, a lifetime of happiness and accomplishment. Now you can have this!

Let us set this Pattern at the beginning of the year and be determined that it shall be the Controlling Authority for the entire year in everything you do. Let Us see how much momentum of Our Victory and Joy, Our Joy of Victory, you can draw forth into your worlds in the coming year.

The reason for that is, Precious Ones, you together with all the “I AM” Students could form, as it were, a Sun-a “Cup of Light” in America!

Then each one, as he or she goes to some other part of the World, becomes an Individual Sun in that locality. Through every one of those individuals, because of your mass activity here, there can go forth on a moment’s notice, as your Victory increases here, a tremendous amplification and protection to those blessed ones wherever they are and in whatever they are doing.

So you really become, as it were, a powerhouse; and individuals in the rest of the World are sort of relay stations.

In that way, the greater your Victory, the more Joy you have and the less sense of struggle – the easier it will be to expand their Light, and let the Light help control all conditions in those localities in which they move.”

Mighty Victory

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