understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Activity of tonight will be of tremendous importance, because you have already drawn forth through your Acknowledgment and Call to the Unfed Flame, certain conscious recognition and use of Its Powers and Its Action.

Tonight, My Loved Ones, in your etheric bodies will you stand within Its Radiance. That is of very great importance from a Cosmic angle. That always has to come, before the outer physical manifestation of It can be established permanently in the outer world – where people understanding Its Sacredness and Its Power, purify themselves, and then come into Its Radiance to receive Its Cosmic Assistance.

That Unfed Flame established in the Royal Teton has for four long centuries generated Its Power there, and was called into action as a Sustaining Focus for those bodies. You, who tonight will pass through that Retreat, will at the Inner Level receive of that Sustaining Radiance also.

This Messenger has called forth so consistently, so persistently, the Action of the Unfed Flame, that the Great Cosmic Law of Life has chosen to enfold you in a more Intense Action of Its Blessing.

And as you receive that at the Inner Level, you will notice in your outer physical activities of the coming year, more and more Power to accomplish your Victory easier and with greater joy; and you will feel more and more the Closeness and Reality of that Unfed Flame.”

Mighty Victory

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