understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We are greatly privileged tonight to receive the Outpouring from the Great Master Jesus; and as you sing “Holy ‘I AM'” to Him tonight, We shall stand around you and blaze this Flame of Cosmic Victory of which I am speaking.

And if you will accept It, if you will feel It, and if you will know It is Real, so shall It remain around you; and your Manifestations in the future will be Proof and Evidence of the Truth I have spoken this hour!

The surge of the Cosmic Light over the next eight days is of tremendous importance. All Cosmic Beings are converging in the Outpouring of Their Mighty Rays and Their Cosmic Flames, to the Accomplishment of the Victory of the Light everywhere.

May you be a Marvelous “Crystal Cup”, receive from Them all They want to give, retain It, and BE Its ever-expanding Fountain of Outpouring wherever you move henceforth.

The hour draws nearer each day for that Manifestation which clears away from the Earth all that has been mankind’s distress. May you in that Hour of Victory stand revealed – clothed in the Cosmic Flame of My Cosmic Love’s Victory.

Wrap that Flame from My Hand, from My Heart and My Head, around those who come to you!

May My Flame reveal to you the Cosmic Authority which is conferred upon those who give their all to the Victory of the Divine Plan’s Fulfillment for all!”

Mighty Victory

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