understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Feel My Cosmic Power in Its Cosmic Flame and Cosmic Love go forth this hour for your Freedom, and command your bodies released from all limitation.

I will help you! I want the Divine Plan fulfilled for you and through you! I want you to stand forth the Living Evidence of the Magnificence of Life’s Love and Blessing to those who give It their acceptance.

May the Cosmic Flame of My Love’s Victory enfold you as a Garment of Sacred Fire! May It go forth this hour to clothe those who are in the distress of the rest of the World and, like lightning flashes through the sky, make one Flame after another go forth and wrap Itself around those precious ones, to bring them back here happy and the Victory of My Love forever!

I will do, if you will call; and together we shall move forward and hold the hands of all, till Victory of the Divine Plan Fulfilled through Cosmic Love’s Great Power shall flood the Earth and forever still the human from mankind this hour!

My Victory, Beloved Ones, is the Sacred Fire of My Heart, and I clothe you in It forever! BE Its Blazing Presence to all, and have the Joy that is Mine to answer every Call!

May We stand in attendance tonight, upon the Master Jesus, the Beloved Mary, and the Mighty Elohim of Peace; and while They send forth Their Outpouring to the World, They will clothe you in Their Flames of Cosmic Love and Cosmic Peace and Cosmic Healing Power!

May My Flame of Victory be your Garment also of Cosmic Freedom, with Beloved Saint Germain and the other Great Ones who will be with you in this room tonight.

You have given Us acceptance! You have felt close to Us! Therefore, We come and shall stand in attendance upon the Master Jesus tonight!”

Mighty Victory

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