understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have made Marvelous Progress thus far; but with all that has been done, now that which lies ahead of you can be done so much more quickly, with such Heavenly Joy, that I come to charge you today with My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, to make you feel Its Cosmic Action, and to surge you forward like a Mighty Ocean of Power which takes you out of distress forever;

that makes you a Blazing Ocean of that Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and Victory to your fellowman, to the Powers of Nature and Life everywhere you contact it.

Then your Light grows greater; your Love grows greater; your Victory is Eternal; the Divine Plan is revealed and made manifest in magnificent Authority, and you are proof to all Creation of your Divine Heritage!

When the beloved ones caught in the shadows of the outer world’s distress come to you, and turn their attention once again to the Godhead of the Universe, then do We want you to stand forth Magnificent Beings of Victory!

Then will you say to these who have come from the shadows: “Beloved! here is the Light! There is thy Pathway Home! I will lift thee by the hand and thy Freedom shall be now!”

Make yourselves this Cosmic Flame of the Cosmic Victory of My Love! Render this service to your blessed ones returning from overseas; and show them that which they are seeking, and that which will make them forget forever the hand of mass destruction.

The World needs every one of you this hour to stand forth a Being of Blazing Glory, Beauty, and Perfection in the Authority of Victory, Power, and Cosmic Love Supreme – which yields no thing to the human, but moves on your pathway like the wind and leaves a Blazing Trail of Fire which draws within Its Heart those who look your way, and makes you the Raising Power of the Nation and the World!”

Mighty Victory

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