understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you will remember the Beloved Master Jesus in healing, spoke to many of those human creations in and around individuals; and He spoke directly to the disturbing thing – either the discarnate entities of which there were many at that time; or the black magicians which sometimes had control; or the humanly created thought and feeling forms which were causing the distress.

He used one Statement at the time, because He knew His own Authority! He recognized It, lived It, and felt It; and in the Full Authority of His Power of the Sacred Fire, He said, “Come out of him and let go!” So shall it be with you!

I say to every bit of irritation and resentment that has ever tortured any of you – this hour I take that from you, and I say to that thing: “Let go! You shall come out of these, the Beloved of the Light! You shall be annihilated from the Universe; and the Unfed Flame, the Cosmic Flame of Love, Forgiveness, and My Victory, take your place and BE the Scepter of the Sacred Fire through these Life Streams forever!

They shall be clothed with the Power of the Sun and, raising their Scepters of Flame, shall free others from all discord under which they have struggled – for they have learned the Law; they have walked the Path; they have faced the Light; they have called on the Law of Forgiveness; they have acknowledged the ‘I AM’ as the only Authority and only Presence acting!

Therefore, they move forward this hour with My Scepter of Loving Forgiveness and Victory, clothed with the Sun, the Flame of Healing Power from the Sun, to free others as they themselves have been freed!””

Mighty Victory

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