understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind have been told throughout the centuries, “I will fight your battles and you shall hold your Peace”; and there is no Peace in resentment! There is no Peace in irritation! There is no Peace in criticism and condemnation!

So these things, My Dear Ones, must be extracted! I won’t refer to anything else – not like other things are extracted, but just taken out of your solar plexus because that is where resentment is felt.

That is why it qualifies the energy in the food! That is why it has caused so much distress throughout the centuries!

So let Me help you this day to let go of everything which is not the Great Scepter of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, Forgiveness, and My Victory over all resentment.

I told you I had come to take away from you this afternoon, that to which you have been holding – and I still mean it! Now you are going to let go go of that! I so decree it! (applause – audience rising)

Thank you, Precious Ones. I accept that for your Victory, and I qualify it with My Victory of your Freedom from all irritation and resentment henceforth! Thank you so much. Won’t you be seated.”

Mighty Victory

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