understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Victory shall claim all into Its Heart, and the human qualities of distress shall be consumed within the Fire forever!


I said I was Freedom’s Twin Brother; therefore, when I choose to release Life Streams from these qualities that have interfered with the Full Freedom which that Mighty Cosmic Being Saint Germain stands ready to confer, then I move forward by His Side and remove those conditions which have held the people of the Light in distress – when the Cosmic Law has said, “Go forward Free and BE My Victory to all.”

I enfold you in the Flame of My Scepter of Power – the Cosmic Flame Unlimited – and your Victory shall be made known throughout the World!

Give to others as I have given to you, and Victory shall claim the Earth, and Saint Germain’s Freedom blaze everywhere His Release to all Life from all that is not the Divine Plan Fulfilled!

I thank you!”

Mighty Victory

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