understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, I ask you to realize that since “I AM” Victory to the Earth, and I have decided to stay in the atmosphere of Earth until the Victory of Light throughout the Earth has taken Its Permanent Dominion, then everything which I acknowledge is Victory, is it not?

Since that is My Nature, since that is My Keynote in this World for your Freedom, since “I AM” Victory to Venus as well as the Earth, I cannot very well do otherwise than to manifest Victory!

I do not know how any longer to create anything but Victory. That is one place where I have the right to use the word “can’t”.  I can’t know anything but Victory, since that is My Nature.

Then this week, as I clothe you in the Cosmic Flame of Love from My Heart, don’t be surprised if you feel that you cannot acknowledge anything but Victory either!

I shall help you, but also I ask you to acknowledge Our Victory for every one of those precious ones in the National Defense. Acknowledge their Victory over everything which is of war! Acknowledge their Victory of the Freedom from all that is of war!

Call forth the Cosmic Force of that Victory which shall shatter in One Mighty Stroke, the hold of all destructive forces upon the Earth.”

Mighty Victory

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