understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We would like to gain as much as possible a Momentum in the habit of your Acknowledgement of Victory, between now and when the Seven Sacred Weeks begin on the thirtieth of this month.

That will give you almost twenty-one days to build your Momentum of acknowledging Victory; and as you acknowledge the Cosmic Force of My Victory, It draws into your world that which is of My Life Stream’s Service to the Earth, My Power from Venus!

In acknowledging the Cosmic Force which flows to you from the Physical Sun and the Great Central Sun, through the Cosmic Beings who govern this System of Worlds, It calls forth Their Victory also; and I might remind you that They, like Myself, can’t acknowledge anything but Victory!

So, when you see all that is above you, which does not acknowledge anything but Victory; and your own “Mighty I AM Presence” and Higher Mental Bodies, which won’t acknowledge anything but Victory – then there is nothing but a handful of this little human dust down here which says, “I am not victorious.”

YOU ARE VICTORIOUS! And the human dust will simply have to go into the Violet Flame and become purified! Then when it passes into the Light again, it too must become My Victory!”

Mighty Victory

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