tktt: The Relations Of The T.S. To Political Reforms

“Enq:  But surely the T. S. does not stand altogether aloof from the social questions which are now so fast coming to the front?

Theo:  The very principles of the T.S. are a proof that it does not – or, rather, that most of its members do not – so stand aloof.

If humanity can only be developed mentally and spiritually by the enforcement, first of all, of the soundest and most scientific physiological laws, it is the bounden duty of all who strive for this development to do their utmost to see that those laws shall be generally carried out.

All Theosophists are only too sadly aware that, in Occidental countries especially, the social conditions of large masses of the people renders it impossible for either their bodies or their spirits to be properly trained, so that the development of both is thereby arrested.

As this training and development is one of the express objects of Theosophy, the T.S. is in thorough sympathy and harmony with all true efforts in this direction.

Enq:  But what do you mean by “true efforts”? Each social reformer has his own panacea, and each believes his to be the one and only thing which can improve and save humanity?

Theo:  Perfectly true, and this is the real reason why so little satisfactory social work is accomplished. In most of these panaceas there is no really guiding principle, and there is certainly no one principle which connects them all.

Valuable time and energy are thus wasted; for men, instead of cooperating, strive one against the other, often, it is to be feared, for the sake of fame and reward rather than for the great cause which they profess to have at heart, and which should be supreme in their lives.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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