understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I know, My Beloved Ones, it is much more comfortable to be quiet and stay by yourselves and not get too strenuous. So would it be for this Messenger; but when you deal with murderous forces, you need something besides sitting home in quiet and comfort, to keep them from walking in upon you!

There comes a time, after you have given certain Conscious Acknowledgement through dynamic action and giving of your own Life’s Energy in your Decrees, when your Momentum reaches a certain point.

Later, when the Cosmic Light inside of you has reached a certain point, the Energy can go forth like that (motion of hand), in conscious direction through your hands. It can be sent to Its destination by the pressure in the atmosphere about you, which you have drawn forth through your Decrees;

but My Dear Ones, like it or not, you will find that nothing on this Planet in this hour of mankind’s frightful destruction will ever save you but your “I AM” Decrees, your Calls to the Great Cosmic Beings, and the recognition of your own “I AM Presence” first!

Those of you who have continued to give your dynamic Decrees over the last year in this Class have been well rewarded; and I am sure all of you feel the difference in your own greater Power, which those Decrees have drawn forth through your bodies.

That Power stands around you for your Protection and Victory.”

Mighty Victory

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