understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I bless and congratulate every one of you for your continued dynamic use of the Violet Consuming Flame. Keep it up!

There is no substitute for your Violet Flame Decrees! There is no substitute for your Command and use of Life’s Authority in speaking the Word, the Great Creative Word “I AM”. There is no substitute for that.

And all that is of Perfection in the future for you and all mankind, depends on the use of that Great Creative Word “I AM”, the drawing forth, the use of your own Authority of your own Life Streams, your consciously controlled feeling which is maintained Harmony!

It is the Fulfillment of everything your Hearts desire. There is not one thing on the Planet or in the Universe which cannot be drawn to you, as you remember to place your Glorious “I AM Presence” first.

Give It your love, your gratitude, and your acknowledgment! Use Its Great Authority of Life through the spoken word “I AM”, and then issue your Decrees for what you wish your Beloved “Presence” to release to you out here.

In the Great Cosmic Power the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings wield upon this Earth, there is always the Authority of the “I AM”, the Great Creative Word – “I AM”.

Every Being who has ever attained Freedom and the Power of Perfection had to understand that Word; had to use that Word in the Authority of the Life Stream and of that Individual’s own Free Will, before Freedom and the Victory of the Ascension were attained, and before Cosmic Power could act through that Life Stream or at Its Command, for the Fulfillment of the Decrees.

I wish you might make an experiment. Try it this coming week. Ask your “Presence” to stand guard and remind you, that you do not speak any words which do not acknowledge your own Victory of the Light, America’s Victory of the Light, and the Victory of the end of this war!

Will you try for the coming week to see what you can do? If you do, I might call on you next Sunday. (applause – audience rising)

Thank you. That is a good start. I accept that and charge it with My Flame, to remind you this coming week to acknowledge only that which is your Victory of the Light, America’s Victory, and the Victory of the World over this war forever!

That does not relieve you of the responsibility of calling to your “Mighty I AM Presence” to keep you reminded, and to remember it with as much conscious effort as you can in the intellect.

I do not mean for you to dominate each other this coming week, not at all; but it would be well to remind each other of the Victory you would all like to have, and instead of saying, “Why don’t you acknowledge your Victory”, you say, “I acknowledge the Victory for you!”

That is an easier way of reminding each other; for your Decree does not antagonize anyone, and you have your own Victory as well.

The same acknowledgment which you give for them, then acts in your own world; and you retain once and a half as much energy as acts for them.”

Mighty Victory

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