understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Each of you can be as great a Power of Victory of the Light in your America as you desire. You can be the Open Door through which as much or as little as you acknowledge, can flow to dissolve human selfishness from within this Land, which has sought to enslave the people, unless they will acknowledge My Victory.

From this hour henceforth, My Beloved Ones, call forth the Cosmic Force of My Cosmic Love and the Cosmic Force of My Cosmic Forgiveness, the Cosmic Force of the Cosmic Victory which compels human selfishness in the feelings of mankind to be stilled and dissolved – as if a streak of lightning had shattered forever those human creations. They are but a vortex of energy in any special locality.

Your Acknowledgement is like the tones of that bell (bell in tower striking the hour) passing through the atmosphere of Chicago’s Loop. Just so can your “I AM” Decrees for Cosmic Victory, in the release of their Cosmic Force, sound throughout the atmosphere of Earth, and draw from the Heart of Creation the Power of Victory which is the Divine Plan Fulfilled.

The Acknowledgement of that Victory is the Power of Cosmic Light without limit.”

Mighty Victory

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