understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So, in reminding you of this which We wish to draw over the next thirty days, I trust you will not forget It.

I shall call forth the Ascended Masters’ Divine Memory to cause you to remember to make these Calls – silently if someone is around who does not understand the Work, and audibly if you are where you can do it without causing distress or embarrassment to those who do not understand.

I think it might be very well – I hope you don’t object to this – to call the Ascended Masters’ Divine Power to forget into action as well, to make you forget the things that are unnecessary.

Remember to give this Acknowledgment, and give It as much of your time and attention as possible – not with strain of any kind, but with the great happy Acknowledgment of the acceptance of the Victory which We want you to go forth and express, again, again, and again each day.

Try to bless with Our Cosmic Victory everything in America, and enjoy it like you would singing your songs.

Will you try to forget as much destructive conversation as possible during the next thirty days; and put in its place this Cosmic Acknowledgment of the Cosmic Victory, which will save your America from distress and stop the war throughout the World?

I think it would be well in your own individual Application, as well as that which applies to the Nation and the World, to acknowledge: “‘I AM’ the Cosmic Victory of all the Divine Desires of my being and world, in everything I do forever!”

Acknowledge your Cosmic Victory of all that is Divine, within and around you! Just keep acknowledging Our Cosmic Victory everywhere! Just surge and surge and surge It forth!

Then rest within Its Happiness, because you cannot think, say, or feel the Acknowledgment of Cosmic Victory without being happy.

This is an “I AM” Decree which brings your Permanent Happiness. The more you give It, the more relaxed and joyous you should become – the less tension, the less strain, and the greater ease.

This Decree is the thing which will release you from that frightful human struggle to which the Blessed Godfre refers. This is the dissolving of your limitations and your problems!

May I have your cooperation for the next thirty days, with continued attention in the midst of your other work; until your momentum comes to the point where you can see its manifestation so quickly, that you will realize it just means maintaining this Acknowledgment to move into greater Service, greater Freedom and Manifestation of Perfection at your slightest Call.”

Mighty Victory

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