understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I have so long wanted to express My Love to you, My Gratitude for all you have done thus far; but I want you to know also, the Love I bear to that Mighty Being the Archangel Michael.

He is a Great Cosmic Being who knows naught but Victory either;  but as an Archangel, He is the Director of many of those Legions which bring Victory here and there and everywhere! He can send Legion, after Legion, after Legion of the Angels of Victory and the Sacred Fire, into Cosmic Action to forever hold command!

You love each other, do you not, in the physical octave? The parents love their children, and the children love their parents, and so forth. I wonder if you quite understand how much We love each other in the Ascended Masters’ Octave!

I wonder if you know how much the Great Cosmic Beings pour Their Love to each other!

That is why I love the Archangel Michael. That is why I love your Beloved Saint Germain, your Blessed Jesus, and your Beloved Nada, who has so many times helped mankind to the Heights.

If you love each other, surely in Our Octave We love no less; and since Our Capacity is greater than yours, then the Great Song of the Universe, the Song of the Light goes on – because We pour Our Love and Gratitude to each other for the service rendered, It is Our own Light expanding Its Greater Perfection, Blessing, and Happiness; filling the Universe around Us as the Cosmic Divine Plan of Creation expands Its Mighty Cosmic Action!

Your Beloved Saint Germain, when He bows before the Master Jesus, pours a Love to Him which is a Symphony for Eternity.

The Love of the Great Beings as They pass each other in Greeting, as They go on Their way in Cosmic Activity, is a Great Burst of Joy and Music, which creates again some Magnificent Form that starts into Manifestation another Blessing to Creation.

So should mankind live on this Earth, to pass each other in Love, Blessing, and Gratitude as each one goes on his or her own way.

Yet as you have given Blessing into the atmosphere, something wonderful is built which begins to shed Its Beauty and Its Radiance to the rest of the Universe, instead of this frightful thing of war.”

Mighty Victory

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