understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So with all the Love and the Gratitude of My Being, with all the Devotion of My Legions of Victory, with all the Love and Enfolding Power of the Sacred Fire from the Mighty Angels of Victory, with the Mighty Flame of Cosmic Victory from the Planet Venus, with the Mightiest Cosmic Blessing from the “Mighty I AM Presence” and Higher Mental Bodies of all mankind, and especially with the Gratitude and Love from those who are being given the Ascension – I clothe you in the Reminder of your Divine Birthright, to be Victorious by the Powers of Light over everything that comes to your attention which is of human qualities.

Everything that is not of the Light some day must be dissolved – and it must be dissolved by the Light. My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory is the Cosmic Power of Light Supreme from the Great Central Sun!

The Flame and the Light and the Substance coming forth from the Heart of Creation, are forever the Victory of Light.

Thank you, and again I say, you are My Victorious Friends of the Light, and “I AM” your Victory unto your Ascension.


Now let Us be America’s Victory, until the World is Free forever!

Thank you, Beloved Minute Men of Saint Germain, for this hour.”

Mighty Victory

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