understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear People, please, oh please, oh please understand what irritation does in your feeling world – no matter on Earth what is the cause! It opens you broadside to all destructive forces!

Oh, the Messengers have said this so much, yet mankind just doesn’t believe it. Then they go on and generate conditions which bring them misery and unhappiness, and which sometimes turn them from the Light, because they will not listen and believe that the Messengers tell them the Truth.

Well, in that case, they just must have the experience. We don’t want to see you go on, Beloved Ones, in any kind of limitation, privation, or distress.

This Action which the Goddess of Light set into action for you – just for you who are in this room, because It did not extend tonight outside – just for you who are here, It will remain a Blessing to you forever. (applause – audience rising)

Now, while you are standing may I say this:  You know it is not always easy to govern your appetite when you are hungry; but sometimes you take such a quantity of food into the stomach, that the stomach gets all excited wondering what it is going to do with it.

Then sometimes Vesuvius erupts! Then again, you feel so unhappy because it does not.


Well that is not the fault of the food! The food was no doubt very good, but just a little too much.


So, I would ask the Students to be very discreet.”

Mighty Victory

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