understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know Saint Germain has quite often had his eyes on the Messenger. Sometimes the Messenger is getting along so beautifully, and all of a sudden the desire is gone and he thinks – what a pity that all of that food should remain. The Messenger may think I am picking on him, but still I am not!

Dear Ones, how wonderful it is to assert – notice, Dear People – to assert Self-control, which is God-control and Dominion over all things touching your worlds; and how easily, readily, and quickly each one may do this, by calling to the Higher Mental Body to govern all.

You know mankind is, I am so sorry to say, very forgetful; and after one trying experience, in a short time they have forgotten and try it over. But after a while, the experience registers; then the difficulty is solved, at least for a while.

Tonight, Beloved Ones, My Joy is so great! I thank you for your love and your gratitude. It has made many wonderful things possible, which I may not even mention to you; but please accept all that I have been permitted to do for the Blessing and Assistance which has come.

Will you now enter this coming Class with the Glory of tonight and the three days in San Francisco?


Then Its Full Glowing Power and Dominion will lift and lift and lift you into the Full Glory and Dominion of the “Mighty I AM” – the Light which beats your Hearts – carrying you forward in the Great Harmony and Glory of Its Presence, and making you My Victory of Life!

Thank you so much.”

Mighty Victory

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