understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“To the astonishment of some of the old occult Students of America, when the Messenger contacted some of them, he said:  “Well you don’t seem to believe what Victory did, but I ask you to observe!

Try the laws and see whether they operate as they once did”, and sure enough, they found they did not any longer operate! Of course they could not, because the power was withdrawn.

One man, whom the Messenger met in the Figueroa Hotel in Los Angeles, who was a great occult student, said to the Messenger, “Oh, I wish to go in the mountains where I can meditate.”

The Messenger looked at him and said:  “You great big strapping human being, you want to go and hide away in the mountains and meditate. Don’t you know the day of meditation is over?” He was highly insulted.

The Messenger said: “What you need today is to go out here in the World, roll up your sleeves, and carry this Great Light of the ‘I AM’ to the people, if you know this Law!” (applause) But that great big husky man, six feet two, wanted to slip away on a mountaintop and meditate.

My Dear Ones, today is the day of action; and mankind has to have that Action by the Power of Light which their “Mighty I AM Presence” is flooding through them!

That is why I say to you tonight, Dear Ones, don’t waste any time on your tea parties! Don’t waste any time in your card parties! Do you know what you do, Blessed People, when you go to your card parties?

You previously invited all the entities that were in the neighborhood; but now since you cannot do that, at least in California [because the entities had all been removed from California just previous to this Dictation], you might draw forth the action of your own creation, if it has not been dissolved.”

Mighty Victory

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