understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now observe! Why has mankind not known this before? Until Saint Germain brought this Explanation and the Powerful Instruction which It is, no one knew anything about It, except that those Words “I AM” existed!

His Explanation is Complete, and not one thing is left unexplained.

Therefore, those who care to, will find a Complete and Full Explanation, as I have so many times seen when I have observed the letters which come to the Messenger, revealing how the individuals’ questions have been answered.

[Lotus returned from Broadcast at this point.]

Bless you, Beloved Lotus! May I, through the hand of the Messenger, give you My Love and Blessing, and thank you for your Courage, Strength, and Power of Light flowing out to the defense of America and the beloved “I AM” Students. Thank you so much. (applause – audience rising)

This Explanation, Beloved Ones, I trust tonight, will make many things dear to you.
What I just started to say was this:  I wish you could realize what it would mean to you in looking up the Answers to your questions, which are within those Books – what a Blessing would be yours, because the Answers really are all there, only you do not remember just where to find them; but in searching them out, oh, what a Blessing is yours!

That is why Saint Germain in His Great Wisdom has provided these Books, which really are textbooks, if you care to call them that. They are the Law of you and your Life and will always remain so, because the Truths they convey never change;

the activities might in some degree, but the Laws, the Fundamentals will never change!

For instance, when I, at the Royal Teton, issued the Fiat which discarded the old occult laws for this Earth, it does seem it demanded considerable Authority, doesn’t it?

Yet that Authority was Mine! I utilized It, and did not ask for any human opinions about It! It was done, and if you don’t believe Me, you will find those old laws do not operate longer!”

Mighty Victory

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