understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I thank you, Beloved Children of the Light, for your loving gratitude, but notice – your gratitude to Life. We appreciate your love, but We want your gratitude to Life, Beloved Ones; and will you remember that, kindly, in the future?

First of all, the place of gratitude is to Life; then whatever you give to Us and the Messengers is most graciously accepted, of course.

But until you hold yourself steadfast to the Light which beats your Hearts, will you find yourselves fluctuating between good and the opposite.

The Earth is being freed from humanly qualified energy, which is the destructive force. After all, remember, the forces of conflagration and destruction in Europe and the Orient today are of mankind’s own creation!

Whether they be discarnate or whether they be in human form. still it is human, discordantly qualified energy – which drives its mighty focus at the forces around individuals who have gained influence over their fellowmen, to draw that power of destructive force until it explodes, or they do. Did you notice that?

Many things in this World are near the exploding point!

I always have a great Sense of Humor in all things, even serious. I refuse to acknowledge that human creation can produce anything to frighten anyone!

I have known only Victory for thousands of centuries, and I bring that Accumulated Power to you, the Children of Light in America; and I want you to feel that is no idle thing!

I want you to feel that is the Sustaining Power which will give you the Power to gain your Victory in your Call to the “I AM” Presence of Life.

The human itself does not have sufficient energy, does not have sufficient power, because people have wasted it; but We who know the Law of your requirements, are ready to come to the assistance of mankind and supply the Power, the Quality of Light and Energy which does give them the Strength and Courage to go on in their Call to the Presence of Life and win the Victory.

So I say to you, the Power of Light is your Freedom; and only when you know Its Source can you draw It forth.

I wish that this Explanation (of the Chart) of the Messengers’ tonight, could have enveloped the Earth.

saint germain God presence chart

My Dear People, your “I AM Presence” is the Foundation of the Universe, because really all came forth from the Light!

The Great Powers of the Universe said, “Let there be Light”, and out of that Light came a Universe – oh, not just your little Planet here, but all those belonging to this System of Worlds.”

Mighty Victory

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