tktt: The Complex Nature of Manas

“Enq:  But how is it that this doctrine, which you say is as old as thinking men, has found no room, say, in Christian theology?

Theo:  You are mistaken, it has; only theology has disfigured it out of all recognition, as it has many other doctrines.

Theology calls the EGO the Angel that God gives us at the moment of our birth, to take care of our Soul. Instead of holding that “Angel” responsible for the transgressions of the poor helpless “Soul”, it is the latter which, according to theological logic, is punished for all the sins of both flesh and mind!

It is the Soul, the immaterial breath of God and his alleged creation, which, by some most amazing intellectual jugglery, is doomed to burn in a material hell without ever being consumed, while the “Angel” escapes scot free, after folding his white pinions and wetting them with a few tears.

Aye, these are our “ministering Spirits”, the “messengers of mercy” who are sent, Bishop Mant tells us –

“………to fulfill
Good for Salvation’s heirs, for us they still
Grieve when we sin, rejoice when we repent;”

Yet it becomes evident that if all the Bishops the world over were asked to define once for all what they mean by Soul and its functions, they would be as unable to do so as to show us any shadow of logic in the orthodox belief!”

H. P. Blavatsky

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