understanding the “i am”…that is you..

“There is really One who has been the Guardian and who is the Secret Planet of this System!

Beloved Ones, the scientific world has not found it yet, but for you of Earth – because of Three Dispensations which We have obtained from the Central Source governing this System of Worlds – the Intelligence and Power of that Planet will begin to act.

The Power of that Secret Planet will begin to take action upon your Earth, by Great and Mighty Intelligences who are the Governors of that Planet!

Two or three times the scientific world have thought they have touched this Great Secret Planet – I say “Secret”, because It has not been known to the outer world. We have known It for a long time and have watched Its approach, for the day when Its Assistance would strike the Earth.

So, today in the vast change which is taking place – most of it you do not yet know – you will ere long begin to see the outpicturing; and after the Fiat of the Goddess of Justice this afternoon, you will see many changes. I ask you to watch.

Therefore, tonight in bringing forth this Knowledge – these various Qualities to establish, to sustain, and to carry you forward until such time as you do hold your Dominion by your own dynamic Application, remember you can be carried only so long.

When you have gained the Understanding, when you have gained the Application, then sometime you must be made to stand upon your on feet, and in your Call to the “I AM Presence”, draw It forth!

Remember, your Precious Messengers who are before you, when Saint Germain sent them forth, were like two little children and were given very Great Protection; but as their strength, momentum, and energy were gained, they became their own protectors by their own dynamic power of Application and the Call to the “I AM” Presence of Life.

Someday every Student, not necessarily before your Ascension, but sometime, somewhere, everyone must gain that Dominion!

If your Stream of Life, which is the Guarding Wisdom of you, should choose to set you free before that time, that would be wholly within the Wisdom of your Life Stream – your “I AM Presence”.

I am not Authority over that, neither is anyone else!

Your “Presence” is the Authority of your world, through your Higher Mental Body!”

Mighty Victory

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