understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know it has been said that even the hairs of your head are numbered. It is a Wise Intelligence that provides abundantly for everything.

I say to you, My Beloved Ones, as you enter more fully into this Great Understanding Life, you see how Life has provided every conceivable thing in Its Perfection, in Its Abundance!

Only after long centuries of mass mistaken qualification do you find the conditions of today.

Remember, for more than two million years mankind lived in a state of Magnificent Perfection.

I know there are great, great numbers of mankind today who will not allow themselves to comprehend that because they feel they are belittling themselves to think or admit that once they were very wise, perfectly harmonious, and wielded Powers almost defying description – yet having receded from that “I AM” Presence of Life and having forgotten, they cannot believe they once wielded those Powers which the Ascended Masters do today, in a Perfectly Natural State!

Think of it, Beloved Ones; that is to come again!

Oh, that Magnificent Condition where forms are built by the two individuals – the masculine and feminine directing their Mighty Light Rays – and where they meet, the form is built! Now that was done through many, many hundreds of centuries!

The present means of birth was unknown; but after mankind began to use their own Free Will destructively and withdrew – thinking that in the outer was the Power, or at least trying to make it the Power – before they realized it, they had lost the Great Power.

Then means had to be provided for mankind to once again return Home.

That is the condition which mankind passed through; and as the density grew greater, that process became very painful, very distressing because mankind had grown into such intensity, or rather such tension of the nerve and muscular system, that with many there was no relaxation.

You know today, how few people can relax the muscular system and the nervous system at will.

Tonight, a great and mighty relaxation occurred! Some of you who have not really been relaxing for years, have relaxed tonight, for We saw to it that you did.

One blessed who came into the Class and had not slept for two years, after being in the Class, went home and slept for hours like an infant.

That is the Power of Harmony!”

Mighty Victory

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