understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is what Life wants you to be – wants you to have. As you comply with this Great Law, this Mighty “I AM” Instruction which Saint Germain has given you and which the Messengers have carried forth, what a privilege you will feel it is, to use this Transcendent Knowledge.

Oh, My Dear Ones, there is no such thing in the world today which produces such Harmony, and while the great “I AM” Student Body have not yet quite determined that they can enter into one of these Classes and remain in Its Glorious, Magnificent Height and Harmonious Attainment which they have reached, yet soon they will.

Soon all will know that every step is anchored there; and then they will rest, until the next step is taken and they remain there.

Then they will have entered into the Great Eternal Victory; and as each step is gained, the first thing you know, the purified Perfection of these forms will just step out into the Perfection of the Higher Mental Body, and then there is only one more step to Freedom!

It is a magnificent thing! It is the Greatest Truth in all Life, for it is the End of mankind’s pilgrimage in Earth.

That is why, Beloved Ones, you should make every effort in the world with great determination in your Application, in the firmness required – to cut yourselves free from human qualities, limitations, and conditions.

Then you will quickly enter into your Freedom.

Remember, We cannot quite be assured yet, just how firm and determined the great “I AM” Student Body in America will be!

We are expecting by July, enough of the great Body of Students will become so firm, not only in the acceptance, but the Activity of the “Presence” through themselves, that We can formulate definite Plans for very much Greater Power and Speed of Action to be released.”

Mighty Victory

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