tktt: Definite Words for Definite Things

“Theo (cont):  To avoid henceforth such misapprehension, I propose to translate literally from the Occult Eastern terms their equivalents in English, and these for future use.

The HIGHER SELF is:  Atma, the inseparable ray of the Universal and ONE SELF. It is the God above, more than within us. Happy the man who succeeds in saturating his inner Ego with it!

THE SPIRITUAL Divine EGO, is:  the Spiritual soul or Buddhi, in close union with Manas, the mind-principle, without which it is no EGO at all, but only the Atmic Vehicle.

THE INNER, or HIGHER “EGO”, is:  Manas, the “Fifth” Principle, so-called, independently of Buddhi. The Mind-Principle is only the Spiritual Ego when merged into one with Buddhi – no materialist being supposed to have in him such an Ego, however great his intellectual capacities. It is the permanent Individuality or the “Reincarnating Ego.”

THE LOWER, or PERSONAL “EGO” is:  the physical man in conjunction with his lower Self, i.e., animal instincts, passions, desires, etc.  It is called the “false personality”, and consists of the lower Manas combined with the Kama-rupa, and operating through the Physical body and its phantom or “double”.

The remaining “Principle” “Prana”, or “Life”, is, strictly speaking, the radiating force or Energy of Atma – as the Universal Life and the ONE SELF – Its lower or rather (in its effects) more physical, but manifesting aspect.

Prana or Life permeates the whole being of the objective Universe; and it is called a “principle” only because it is an indispensable factor and the deus ex machina of the living man.

Enq: This division being so much simplified in its combinations will answer better, I believe. The other is much too metaphysical.

Theo: If outsiders as well as Theosophists would agree to it, it would certainly make matters much more comprehensible.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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