understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You are so rapidly coming to that point wherein nothing will induce you to allow one particle of energy to be wasted on criticism, condemnation, nor any of those things which exist in the World generally.

You, My Dear Precious Ones, must be an Example to the rest of the World. I want tonight to impress upon you so much, that as the Vanguard of the Light, you must be the Example to the rest of the World.

If they see you doing things which are unbecoming, such as the rest of mankind are doing because they do not understand, they will say, “What is the use of us trying to understand the ‘Mighty I AM’, if they go on doing the same things?” You see, that is why all of the “I AM” Students are an Example to the World.

There have been individuals, just a few in different parts of America, who accepted the statement that the Messengers were millionaires and did not need any money, and all that kind of thing! Then those few individuals sought a means whereby they could make excuses to get Money from the Messengers.

In a few instances that has been done, and I trust that never once again will another Student enter into such a dangerous thing. These Messengers are giving all, reserving not a thing for themselves. Then when anyone who could want to find an excuse or try to prey upon them to get money – oh, it is tragic!

Those individuals cannot harm the Messengers, of course; but they will build up for themselves such privation as they have never known in any embodiment. So, I prompt you tonight, so that you may be able to put down those things.”

Mighty Victory

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