understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Just now, do you feel that Great, Great Stillness? Let It do Its Perfect Work, for the Inner Power of the Light now goes into action. Let us be just perfectly still. Please don’t cross you feet. Just let that Great Perfecting Radiance flow through your bodies and your feeling worlds; and remember that under you is the Violet Consuming Flame, into which all imperfection is drawn.

It is lovely! so beautiful! Now then, feel the replacing of that by the Ascended Masters’ Substance of Light charged through your Higher Mental Body into your physical body, into your feeling world and activity to hold Its Mighty Dominion there, for the Power of your Application, for the Power of your Courage and Strength, and for the Power of the Release from your Treasure House of the money supply you require – and always ten times more on hand than you require for immediate use.

Splendid! Oh, I congratulate you! Thank you with all My Heart; and may I say for your encouragement that never in Our Experience has so complete a change taken place in such a few minutes, in the releasing of imperfection into the Violet Consuming Flame so it exists no more. Then it has been replaced by the Ascended Masters’ Light Substance which you have accepted in a magnificent manner.

I think you perhaps have come to notice that when We or the Messengers call your attention to that Great Stillness, It is the Signal for the Almighty Action of the Inner Power, and It is so far-reaching.

Tonight, I have especially directed that Inner Power to go out into your world of action and harmonize, keep dissolved and consumed every discordant thing before you!

Will you hold these next few Words very clear and definite in your minds? As you go forth now in your Application, you will feel a Power of Release which is tremendous! You will find yourselves so much less affected by discordant things about you.”

Mighty Victory

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